Koru Learning Institute for Clinical Excellence provides in-depth training and consultation to professionals. We use cutting-edge, proven methods to build and strengthen clinicians' skills and confidence.

We go far beyond simple continuing education (CE) credits by providing in-depth teaching and direct consultation to meet your unique needs.

Learning theory does not improve practice. Most CE trainings teach theory with little practicality or effectiveness.

Our competency-based training programs meet the changing demands of your work by providing practical strategies, methods, and interventions you can use immediately in practice, along with ongoing feedback and guidance to refine your skills. We go far beyond theory and directly support you in mastering your skillset.

By completing our training programs, you will gain the confidence and clarity you need to empower yourself and your practice while ultimately improving your clients’ success.

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What Makes Us Different

Unfortunately, most practitioners do not receive ongoing feedback once they start practicing independently.

While they are required to engage in continuing education, CE courses do NOT promote skill development. And experience does not improve our skills: on average, outcomes actually DECLINE over time. Weak therapists continue to have poor outcomes. Average clinicians continue to have average outcomes at best.

Access to a coach who can provide feedback, identify strengths and skills to continue to develop, and provide targeted activities to practice are essential. Which is why we developed our training programs to include all the essential activities proven to make clinicians are more effective with even the most difficult and complex cases than the average therapist. Moreover, their clients’ progress is approximately ten times faster than those who don’t engage in these activities.

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Koru Learning Institute CAN HELP YOU GET THE Skills, Confidence, and CLARITY YOU NEED TO transform your practice and Empower yourself and your clients for maximum success.